Summer Editorial AD 2014

An ode to fantasy, female ambiguity, and the “surreal forms of life,” the Wonderland Lust editorial concept was prepared for IFF’s summer 2014 marketing campaign. Lavish, illogical, ephemeral, another high-fashion editorial concept by IFashionFactor. The project „Wonderland Lust“ is an editorial we prepare for IFF’s summer marketing campaign 2014. We had a 3 weeks preparation for this project and 2 days to shoot. The project is dedicated to the Woman in her delicate, fragile version but also in her full strength character and is emphasizing the great achievement of Her fantastic ambiguity. WONDELAND LUST is the story of the fragile Woman listen to her fantasy and recreates her inner world. She is collecting together precious jewels, memories and unusual things not necessary logical useful to her surroundings, though especially created for Her to give more surreal forms of life. She gets caught into the mystery of Her own Wonderland colours and shapes and she is waiting for a miraculous revelation to get her back into the real world…still fantasy is the best place to be.. Once the path reveals the magic ways to the next challenge she takes the lead again and gets deeper into the Wonderland.