Internet Plus Forum

Within the beautiful elegant atmosphere of Waldorf Astoria, Linda Li organized another new event “Internet Plus Entrepreneur Salon” on this Tuesday morning. The event attracted domestic and foreign business entrepreneurs and economists.

In collaboration with SILC, IFashionFactor participated at this event , with the film crew catching the special moments for it. TVC is coming soon.
The Secretary General of CECC-China E-Commerce Coaltion; Guest Professor of TsinghuaUniversity – Mr zhang baodong gave a speech to the guests. As Premier Li Keqiang stressed the “InternetPlus” in the background, professor Zhang combined with traditional real economy and discusses the importance of “Internet Plus”. Professor Zhang discussed about how to combine the traditional internet companies to create amonopoly market segments. The scene expert participants responded positively.

SILC invited 30 entrepreneurs to attend this salon to build a bridge to communicate between those important figures from different fields. some important elites show up, including the Mrs. Linda Chiang , the secretary general of Asian Council of America Honorary Chairwoman EXPO Milan KIP Pavilion; Michelle Lee, CEO of Bund22 ,founder of Yonghe King ; Mr.Zhongzheng president of shanghai Lujiazui-WaitanFinance City Institute.

SILC is a leading club for high-class women to share values,enjoy life and enhance themselves. SILC hosts unique themed, multi-cultured and chariy events giving its members a remarkable and meaningful well-being lifestyle; SILC also plays an important role in communications between the East and Westin terms of fashion,art, culture and economics.

SILC chairwoman Linda Li and important guests have been interviewed by IFashionFactor for this event , the video will be released on IFF & SILC social media soon.