ORGANO Coffee Club PR Event 2016

After more than 20 years I met my friend Alexis Ruxandra Brezeanu . We propose to ourseves to combine our artistic and profesional experience and bring it together closer to beautiful people.
The evening of 10th of August hosts the glamorous thematic event created and styled by Iraida Florea @ IFashionFactor Studio&Club (Romanian Branch). Friends, family, fashion designers, doctors, professors, all special people gather together to enjoy the amazing cup of ORGANO precious coffee containing the famous Chinese Ganoderma Lucidum (Lingzhi Mushroom) with potential in bioremediation and a variety of potential therapeutic benefits.
The elegance and the soul touching speeches of the organizers and friends create un unforgetable athmosphere until late in the night.
Stay tuned for the film reccord of this beautiful evening to feel more about us and soon hopefully next to us!
A big thank you to the great TEAM working next to me ! (Ionut Baltag, Florea Eugen, Alexis Ruxandra Brezeanu, Ana Florea)
My sincere gratitude to all our wonderful guests!