Editorial ICS TV Channel

A behind-the-scenes video of IFF’s collaboration with ICS TV documenting the IFF team’s focus on concept development and project execution amid swarms of curious media reporters. This project was designated to fit in the thematic of the ICS TV talk show for January 2014 edition regarding Chinese and foreigner models in China: cultural matters between those, life style and fashion. We idealized the story of the models in China as a “Moonlight” moment. This industry is increasing day by day and they are getting better and better maintaining their own traditions and at the same time increasing their portfolios with international and local collaborations. The very strong color combination recalling the moon’s colors represents their blue feelings; meanwhile the silky fabrics and the rich warm furs emphasize the desire of growing a professionalism discovered while studying and working for their future carriers. This editorial was a very big success and gave us a great deal of exposure.