Couture Fabrics & Jewelry PR Event SHANGHAI 2014

What do shimmering haute-couture fabrics and cuttlefish bones have in common? You might have been at a loss to guess “a luxury lifestyle event,” though certainly still correct if you’d guessed “engagement rings!” Still a little hazy? Must be all the sparkling wine… Starting from October 15th until October 18th we saw IFashionFactor enjoying a feast of events together with their partners Tissura Store and L’Amour Toujours Lounge.

Wednesday October 15th Dmitry Shklyar’s Tissura showroom played host for IFashionFactor jewelry designer Michele Casadei amid a mixed crowd of socialites, media, buyers, models, curious passers-by, friends and the lucky set of fashionistas that managed to get wind of the event. After short speeches and introductions, the evening continued mostly in the form of a lively social and visual feast as guests tittered among vividly detailed Tissura’s luxury fabrics and a display of numerous exquisite Klepto jewelries, Michele’s brand originally founded in San Marino, Italy. In a moment of spontaneous genius, a couple of off-duty models volunteered to be draped in fabric and jewels. A ring of would-be photographers quickly formed to snap up the abundance of beauty while laughter and clapping could be heard applauding the sudden wonderful turn of events.

As the event closed and we left the showroom I wondered… didn’t someone once sing “It’s the heart that matters more”?