Looking for Executive Assistant

Looking for Executive Assistant

“It’s a wonderful thing when a carrier and a passion come together”

  • Elegant Professional good-looking female/male;
  • Classy attitude towards people, collaborators, colleagues and superiors;
  • Quick learning of new/different services, products, industry and techniques;
  • Arranging, Tracking and notifying all the appointments/meetings;
  • Emailing meetings resume or other important information right after the meeting to all in charge;
  • Searching new customers and approaching them through marketing strategies defined by the superior;
  • Participating, translating and noticing to all the meetings the superior requires;
  • Purchasing upon requests different kind of items requires by the superior or by other team members;
  • Keeping the daily expenses schedule up to date and report it once per week to the superior;
  • Preparing all timing schedules, photo/video/FS /EV production schedules and budgeting schedules and confirm it with the superior;
  • Preparing the weekly official report of the company and post it on all the media platforms indicated by the superior;
  • Communicating smoothly with and between the team members avoiding as much as possible the superior interference;
  • Researching design, art, fashion, film, music, theater, history, culture information and classify the information in themes or projects to be presented to the superior;
  • Skilled in computer and passionate about fashion and beauty, with artistic endeavors and hard working education;
  • Self motivated to reach new heights in a complex industry for a wonderful carrier;
  • Very organized and clean, ready to react with good manners and in very efficient way;
  • Mandarin Chinese language mother tong, very well English language knowledge (writing and speaking).


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