We conceive ideas, we create style, we elaborate design concepts for you, your private and/or corporate life style. IFashionFactor makes you and your immediate surroundings look just glamorous, sophisticated and unique!

Our creative platform brings you and your experiences into a different uncomplicated luxury level. Our cosmopolitan team is completed with high fashion designers, photographers, creative decorators, extravagant fashion addicts and professional style advisors with prodigious experience in fashion realm. The urban myth IFashionFactor has the origin in the passionate spirit of its creator and founder Iraida Florea as the Creative Leader.

Ana Druga

Ana Druga




Founder & Creative Director





Who we are

We are an international collective of creative professionals based in Shanghai, with international talent bases in Romania, Germany, Hong Kong and London. Our team includes stylists, designers, photographers, interior decorators, video producers, web designers, branding specialists, editors and more. We are proven, high-level professionals with the resources, professionalism and creativity to both help you create and execute your vision.

Our values

We are first and foremost artists and professionals. We pride ourselves on our independence and integrity, and our ability to deliver. We prioritise art over commercialism. We understand that while a vision should be visually arresting, challenge convention and convey a powerful fantasy or message, it must also have a specific business objective, a target market, a style and branding envelope, and tell a story that evokes just the right emotion.

How we work

Our approach is collaborative. Instead of account managers or sales reps, we want our customers to deal directly with our talent and become part of the whole creative process. Our best work is done when we can talk to you and find the emotional core of your vision, it’s story and history.
We’ll create the concept, the story and all the styles, designs, clothes, accessories and jewellery needed to support that vision, and then execute it efficiently. We’ll incorporate market analysis and forecast fashion trends to make sure our mood boards and proposals address your target market and anticipate its needs. Finally, we’ll plan production, source and manufacture all necessary items, and deliver.

What we can do for you

From Shanghai Fashion Week runways, to magazine editorials, fashion-art photography, event photography, to TV commercial, to websites or catalogs the proof of our talent is in our commercial success.

Let Us Style Your Dreams